Red – Louboutin X Valentino

The color of passion, the color of fire and lust… Color that has been inspiring fashion for centuries. Louis XIV used to wear red heeled shoes in the 18th century; after the french revolution, red heeled shoes were banned as they represented the old and despised monarchy.

Who has ever forgotten the red shoes of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz?


In modern times, red is a synonym of Louboutin shoes and Valentino dresses. Oh, they are just so wonderful! They represent glamour and beauty but they are also what there is best in terms of fashion art.

Red is a crazy color! I have a friend who used to have a red bedroom. I never visited it myself, however those who have there gone, said that it was inspiring and relaxing… Is that possible?

I post some pictures of the Louboutins and Valentinos… Would not any woman dream to wear one of those?

Let me know!