To the end of the planet…

To the end of the planet
(Title for the English readers – the title in Portuguese would not make sense to you, even if I don’t think it makes sense to the Portuguese readers either).
End of the Planet – Do you know this place??? I am sure some of you do not have a particular name for it, but at some of you at some point in life have wanted to go there.
It is that place where you want to go and nobody finds you… it is the place where the planet stopped moving, the children stopped crying, the boss stop giving you extra work which you never end the list… it is where there is no ironing, no debt collectors….
I have lost count how many times I wanted to go there… I confess, I am human and sometimes I lose the north… my mother says that it is not worth wanting to go there, as I will not even find tickets, as the transport are fully booked with the thousands of men and women which find themselves in the same position.
Now, tell me sincerely, only I ever wanted to go there? Or you too? Be honest!!! The honest answer gets a ticket there! 🙂