Weinachtsmarket / Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets
How much I love Christmas!!! Although I was born under the Equator line, where Christmas is a synonym of almost no clothes, beer and champagne, I always admired the snow, the cold, Santa Claus, coming from North Pole with his gnomes, the reindeer, the red velvet suit and the sleigh.
In Brazil, although there is some sort of market, it is still not common to see the Christmas markets. The Weinachtsmarket is an open air market where the craftsmen sell their products for Christmas, including exquisite food, wine, cheese, candles, panetones, chocolates, Christmas decoration and even Christmas trees, as in the north hemisphere there is still the tradition to have natural ones.
The Weinachtsmarket has many names depending on where it is based. The origin is from German speaking countries and the first ones date back the middle age. It is still popular until today, delighting adults and kids.
At present, the biggest and most traditional one is in Nuremberg, in Germany. There are streets after streets of huts, which reminder us of mini chalets, where people walk around, looking at the products and drinking Gluhwein, (hot wine).
I post some pictures for those that have not yet experienced one and I strongly recommend you visit one now over Christmas.