Fabulous work with clay

This post is written by 2 pairs of hands, mine and my friend’s…

I am not afraid to say…This friend prepares the most amazing birthday parties for her kids.  She learned it from her mother, who used to be top… I, as a kid and going to my friend’s and siblings parties, used to go back home and complain to my own mother that my parties were ugly and uninspiring… poor mum!!!

Now, this friend is preparing the parties for her own kids… and so am I…

The only difficulty is that neither of us is living in Brazil where we would have a lot of resource in terms of providers, as in our culture the kids party is the “event of the year”.

Well, we still need to import things and during one of my friends research, she came across the most fabulous crafts person… this person’s work is so perfect and beautiful that deserves to be praised  and publicized.

Her name is Mayumi and she works with clay… she will do a miniature of your kid’s favourite character and create these wonderful little pieces that can be used for decoration and gifting.

Of course my friend asked Mayumi if she authorised us to write a post about her work. She did authorised us, as we thought it would be super nice for you to see how gifted she is…

We add some photos to illustrate the post, but you can see her whole portfolio is her website: www.http://mayumibiscuit.blogspot.com


Do not be shy to contact her. Her pieces are all very well wrapped up and can be sent by post to any place in the world (of course paying the postage)…. The Brazilian Real is so low now compared to other currencies that the postage would not hurt. Check her out… you will not be disappointed and if need help, write to me….


pequeno principe 2