The Mall – Outlet Italy

The Mall
As I mentioned I am coming back to the travel subject and this post is super because it combines a tip for traveling and fashion.
The Mall is the luxurious temple of fashion, without making us broke as this is an outlet in the surroundings of Florence – Italy.
I assure you it is a lethal combination, shopping, fashion, Italy, Tuscany, discounted prices… every time my credit card screams for help!!!!
The outlet is about an hour outside Florence, in the direction of Rome and there are several ways of getting there. You can rent a car or get a coach from the center of Florence. I would suggest you checking the outlet’s website – – to choose the best way for you to get there.
I confess that I like the comfort and facility of having a car available so that I do not need to worry the time to get in and out of there. For those who drive this is the right option and for those who do not drive it may be an opportunity to invite a friend that drives to accompany you.
The brands are absolutely top!!! Dior, Gucci, Pucci, Prada, Fendi, YSL, Burburry, Todds, Mont Blanc, Moncler, amongst others.
The shops sell items from the previous collections for a fraction of the price that you would have found these items in the street shops across the world. There are always classic pieces which will suit at any season.
When I go to the Mall, I take the day to make the visit. I love to get there, without a schedule to worry about so that I can go and start my day by drinking a cappuccino at Café Gucci. On top of the Gucci store there is this mixture of coffee shop and restaurant where we can have a simple snack, a full meal or even a glass of wine before or after the shopping experience.
After my cappuccino, I start going around the shops. I am not a big shopping buyer. I shop with conscious and only buy pieces that will stay in my closet for a long long time. Therefore I choose classic pieces. Initially I visit all the shops, take pictures of what I like most, so that I don’t forget and once I have gone around, I go back and buy what pleases me most and what I really need.
I normally go twice a year… Spring and autumn… In Spring the outlet is way more crowded due to the amount of tourists visiting Europe, as there is a great increase over spring and summer. In autumn is less crowded but let comfortable for some as it can get cold in Tuscany.
I post some pictures so that you can have an idea. Enjoy!