Premio Sunshine Blog

Para os leitores em Português, eu fui nomeada entre 11 bloggers para o premio sunshine Blog… eu estou super honrada já que apenas comecei a escrever. Com isso eu devo agradecer a blogueira que me nomeou, responder as perguntas que ela me fez e nomear 11 bloggers que acredito que também poderiam ganhar o premio. Foi isso que fiz acima!!!

Estou super feliz!!! bjs Valentina!

imageMy day started brighter than ever… although it was really cold and grey outside… I was nominated for the Sunshine Blog award by Susie of Susieshy45.

On the rules of the nomination:

  1. You must thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. You must answer the questions asked by that blogger.
  3. You must nominate another set of bloggers.
  4. You must ask a few questions of your own to those bloggers.
  5. You can’t nominate the blogger who nominated you!
  6. Notify the bloggers you nominated about the nomination

Now, to the questions, Susie has asked me…

  1. What is your favourite colour ?                                                                                                     Red, Red and Red… I just love it!!!! colour of passion, lust and life!!! I absolutely adore it and nothing more bling bling that a red Valentino dress or Louboutin shoes… I have written a post all about it… check it out!
  2. Does the color of your clothes reflect your mood for the day ?
    Of course! The Greyer it is outside the more colour I wear! Do not get surprised to see me wearing pink, yellow and orange in the middle of winter… It really raises my spirit!
  3. What do you do when your mood is off- the-mark ?
    I eat Chocolate! Belgian Godivas!!!!
  4. Why do you blog ?
    My mind makes a lot of noise.. I see so much, I experience so many amazing thing around the world, I have been to so many places, that it would be a waste not to share it… Life is so cool, we are so luck to live this moment of human progress that we can communicate with all cultures and places that I really wanted to engage in this exchange…
  5. What sort of blogs do you like to read ?
    Blogs about fashion, lifestyle, book reading, travel.
  6. How do you select the blogs you would follow ?
    I have a few that I have been following before I was a blogger myself. Now I am following the ones I am reading and the ones that have been contacting, commenting on my blog… but it has of course to be in line with my interest and opinions…
  7. Does offensive language on a blog post put you off ?
    It really depends on the context… I do not tolerate racism, xenophobia and this kind of things so if the language is somewhat related.. I am out!
  8. What would romance mean for you ?
    Romance was a drink, can be non alcoholic,  with my husband in Palmyra… or the sunset in the French Alps, or eating a croissant in the bakery next door…
  9. Write a small poem about yourself .
    I am not that smart!
  10. Do you make New Year Resolutions.
    Every year and loads of them… the only one I always fail is to lose weight!
  11. Do you enjoy changes in your life or do you shy away from them ?
    Life is a constant rotation… I would get bored otherwise… so changes are good!

Now, my nominees:

  3.  – Something smells fishy here