Meninas, tem uma materia no Globo de hoje – Ela, sobre a Birkin… Eu sai na frente! Olhem la..
Girls, a brazilian paper published an article about the Birkin in Brazil – check it out!

Valentina bling bling

A piece of pure glamour!

Unique, symbol of perfection and luxe….

What is it??? The Birkin!!!

For those who have never heard of it, it is a bag… A hand made bag, made by Maison Hermès, out of the softest piece of leather, cut into perfection, and named out of an English actress called Jane Birkin, who was the IT actress and model of the seventies and eighties.

The bag was created in 1984…yes, 32 years ago and it is a consuming dream across the globe. Hermès only produces a few of them every year, leaving thousands of women waiting for one, which makes the price go higher and higher every year…

Recently a study confirmed that it is a better investment than thr stock market.

As it is also a symbol of status, women across the globe wish to be seen wearing a Birkin…  It is supposed to open…

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