Barbies – women the way we are


It took 57 years, but finally diversity wins… Mattel has just released this week 33 new barbies, trying to cover the beautiful diversity of the woman’s body and colours…

Not being the classical Barbie type myself, as I am not blond and blue eyed, I struggled as a kid to identify myself with the doll, actually I always used it as a expression of what I was not by saying ” well, I am not a Barbie”…

Now I could not say that anymore… My biotype is therein expressed… I am a grown-up, but I have a daughter, and I quite like the idea that she is growing in a world where diversity is recognized and appreciated.. Some say I am naive, as Mattel only did that because it will sell more… I am not sure… If it was only that they could have done it 30 years ago… I think mentality is changing… Diversity is good! Diference is great!

This is so huge that everybody is talking about it:


USA today

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Congrats to all of us!