End of fashion week?

At least as we currently know it…

There is a great buzz in the fashion market that the current model of fashion week is due to die…

There are many reasons to it, costs, advent of social media, distance from the fashion week to the release of the colection for purchase.

In the last Milan Fashion week, Trussardi decided to promote a musical concert at Pinacoteque de Brera, rather than having expensive models in the catwalk… The show was super successfull, attracted a lot of midia attention and costed a fraction of the price…

Burburry in the last London week, decided to innovate… As you know, the fashion weeks normally show collections 6 months in advance, so in February, they will be showing autumn / winter and in September they will be showing Spring / Summer… Now that we are in the era of instant connections, people do not want to wait so long to get the dreamed bag or dress… Burburry understood that and is the first top brand to make the collection available almost instantly… It is in the catwalk, it is online, you can buy it! Cool isn’t it?

Tom Ford goes beyond too, he decided to show his collection through social media by hiring Lady Gaga…. It was a massive boom on you tube!

Ralph Lauren wishes to continue with the Fashion Week but make it available go the great public… As designers spend so much money to produce it, why not selling tickets and making a profit out of it??? I would buy a ticket, and you???

As you can see things are changing…Living in one of the big four capitals of Fashion – Milan – makes me wonder how it would be if the Fashion week really goes… I love it… It is such a special moment for the city… I love to receive the invitations and go to see the production and collection… Well, time is changing but not sure some things should go just because of it… Some things are timeless and so should be the Fashion Week.


Above, Gaia the Trussardi’s event picture!