Godiva chocolates for you!!!

We have reached 150 followers!!! I know this is nothing in the internet world but it is very exciting to us, as we have barely started!

Blogging is “hard work”… hard work in a positive way… we get so many messages and likes that we wish to respond, and we do not have the time… THEREFORE, a big THANK YOU for all the support so far!!!! it is incredible how we “meet” and get to know great people!!!!

Blogging for us is about proposing news and subjects and getting feedback… Please talk to us, tell us if you like, dislike, how you feel about our views and subjects…

It is also about making new “friends”, we learn so much from each other… we put so much effort and feelings into our texts… it is part of us that we expose in each post.

To reward your for putting up with us, we are giving you these two boxes of chocolate. We will draw the winner on the 16th March 2016.

To participate you need to do:

  1.  1 chance for 1 like
  2. 2 chances for like and a follow
  3. 2 chances for a like and a comment on our facebook page
  4. 3 chances for a like, a follow and re-blog
  5. 4 chances for a like, a follow in wordpress, or in facebook, a follow at instagram.

Leave a comment on the blog or on the facebook page so that I can collect the data.

People from all over the world is illegible! I will write to you privately to collect you address for the Prize.

Pictures of it so that you can start dreaming about it! I love Godiva, they are my favourite!


Godiva 2Godiva

Good Luck! and Lets have fun!!!