One & Only Spa Cape Town

Do you want to have a Princess / Prince day??? Go for it!!!

Situated in a bungalow inside the One and Only Hotel at the waterfront, the spa is an Oasis surrounded by the luxurious landscape of blue sky and Table Mountain.


I had been promissing myself a “treat” for a while, and this seemed the perfect opportunity.

There are various treatments, ranging for a 1/2 hour facial to a 1/2 day treatment with lunch included… I decided to go for the full blow!

Once I got there, I was taken to have some tea and change prior to be taken to the cabin where the treatment would start…


The first part was a full body exfoliation to remove the dead skin, followed by a full body massage, with diferent body oils and finished by a facial massage.



After the treatment, I was taken to a relaxation room, which I would describe as sleeping room, because at that stage I was so relaxed that I could enter into hibernation stage… I was offered tea and some very healthy snacks, where I could stay for as long as I wished to stay.

Besides, there was the steam room , with an amazing feature to it, after leaving the heat, you can scrub your body with crushed ice… The sensation is esquisite… The extreme hot and cold…loved it…


The Spa has also large bath tubs, with all jets and water massages where you can stay for as long as you wish…

All of the above does not destroy your pocket. In some European countries a 1/2 day treatment would cost an airplane ticket to a holiday destination, in South Africa with the devaluation of the currency, for local earners, this could be expensive but for turists which travel with foreign currency, the full 1/2 day does not reach 150 dollars… Bearing in mind that this is the best Spa in town, it seems a great deal!

I strongly recommend you trying it if you enjoy Spa! It makes all good to the body, to the mind and to the soul!