Oscar, Rin Tin Tin – the dog, a Oscar Winner

When we think of the Oscar, we think of glamour, Hollywood stars, beautiful dresses, red carpet! We also think of the movies, but this is some kind of old news as everybody already has seen it to comment and support….

We would not think though, is that the Oscar exists for many many years and has a lot of bagage throughout time…

Would you know that the first votting for the Oscar’s best actor in 1929 was Rin Tin Tin… The dog!!!???

The Prize was never really announced because a second votting took place, excluding non human actors, and the prize was finally give to a German actor called Emil Jannings.

Would you know who the greatest winner of all times was, having won 26  Oscars??? A guess???? His name is still around and the company he founded is one of the most successful brands of all time??? Any clue???  Walt Disney!!! Incredible isn’t it??? Who would have thought??? Snow white movie is a Oscar Winner!!! And so is The Three little Pigs…

The Oscar has received a lot of  criticism over the decades, mostly because the academy has not rewarded big names such as  Hitchcock  or most recently Leonardo di Caprio… The truth is people criticize, but glue at tv when the cerimony is on…

Nobody really knows what was the inspiration for the statue… It has hardly changed since 1929, and year after year people pretend not to care and make blasè faces, but when the nominated show at the screen, the heart beats fast in expectation to the ” Oscar goes to….”

Will Leo get it in 2016??? Make your bets!