Is there a best perfume of all??

I have never met a woman who does not like to feel perfumed!! My mum is a top exemple! Smell good is pleasing to the others but it is especially pleasing to yourself… She used to say to me… And actually she still does!

Perfumes are around for a long long time… Researchers have identified that it goes back to the Mesopotamia time, about 2.000 years before Christ… Can you believe it?

Of course it did not start as we know perfume today. Actually the name comes from Per fumus, which in latin means through the smoke…

Perfuming is somewhat described in various ancient texts… In India, in Egypt, in China. The oldest perfume factory every discovered was in Cyprus and it dates to the Bronze age, about 4.000 years ago.

The birth of ” modern” perfume as we know today is due to the Arab culture. The Arabs were the first one known to extract essence from steam distillation and also use different ingredient mistures in the potions.

The western world was very much influenced by the arab culture and modern perfume is known to have started in Hungary with Queen Elisabeth of Hungary.

Italy and France followed quickly and France became up to present the perfume and cosmetic center of the world.

The French fame started at the time of Louis XV, whose court was called the parfumed court. However the consolidation really came in the beginning of the 20th century with the creation of Chanel 5 by Coco Chanel.

Coco Chanel’s parfumist was not French, but Russian, however it way Coco’s refined taste and classical style that created the combination of scents which still fascinates people almost 100 years later.

Other women created famous perfumes, such as Nina Ricci with L’air du temps, or Estée Lauder with Youth Dew.

The first men’s perfume to be famous was d’Eau Savauge, by Dior, as up to 1966 men’s perfume resumed to Eau de Cologne.

Yves Saint Laurent surprises the world in the 70’s with its Opium. Because of its name, the perfume is not sold in China and in the United Arab Emirates. In the US, the maker had to prove that the formula contained no drugs….what a scandale!!! YSL love it!

Other perfumes inspired many women such ad Miss Dior, Obsession by Calvin Klein, Angel by Thierry Mugler, Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

I am UNFAITHFUL! I dont have a unique smell!!! On the contrary, I change my smell as my mood changes… I love the freshness of coming out of the shower and perfuming myself! I have a few favourites, I will not deny , but I am not resumed to them…

My favourites are: Revealed by Elisabeth Arden; Higher and Poison by Dior; Daisy by Marc Jacobs…

One day I may be chique like Marilyn Monroe and only use 3 drops of Chanel 5 to sleep… What about you???