The Queen

Recently Queen Elizabeth II turned 90… The press has celebrated her birthday all over the world… expected of course, because she is the longest living Monarch in the world and a symbol of elegance and glamour.

Throughout the years I must confess I had mixed feeling about the Queen. Actually about the monarchy institution itself. Not really understanding its purpose in the modern time.

Maybe because I am not British or Spanish or even Norwegian, I was not raised with this intrinsic respect that the nationals of monarchical countries have, not to say the hysterical idolatry that they provoke.

I can never forget the night Princess Diana died and the weeks that followed the death… the commotion that it caused all over the world and the feelings that millions of people expressed for her loss… No human being had had such power up to that moment….

This makes us think… Why millions of people look up to the Queen and her family?… what do they inspire and transpire? What do they bring to their country?

People scrutinize how they dress, behave and socialize. The places they go,what and where they eat, what they consume, where they spend their holidays…

Then I had an Eureka moment… They generate millions of pounds! Anything they wear, gets sold out, anywhere they go, gets overbooked! This not to say they souvenirs, the tours, the whole paraphernalia that tourists buy when go to UK..

They move the economy… anything they use or wear is trendy immediately!

Over the last 63 years the Queen has been an icon of style… she is discrete and classical. Her pearls, her hair style, her pastel suits are wonderful! Her jewellery indescribable… many try hard to get as much attention… and she tries not to get too many…

I am far from having her style and her glamour, but I hope I get to 90 as fit and agile as she is… God Save the Queen!

Applause…Do you agree?