Kafka and the travelling doll

Today I read a text which I needed to write about… Although it is not much of the theme of this blog, I felt I needed to share.

I have a daughter and everyday I realise how difficult it is to educate kids. What we do now it will construct their day and existence in the future….

So, the text was about Kafka, a Czech writer of the early 20th century who used to write in the German language and who wrote books which are still very actual and famous such as the process and the castle.

Kafka met a little girl in a park in Berlin. The little girl had lost its doll and it was looking for it… kafka met her when she was desperate about it… Rather than telling the little girl that the doll was gone, Kafta looked for the doll with the girl and asked the girl to come back to the park in the next day…

In the next day Kafka brought a letter to the girls, the letter that the doll had written to the girl explaining and apologising for having left so suddenly without advising of the departure… Every day for many days Kafka came back to the park with a new letter from the doll which described the many adventures the doll was having around the Globe…

The girl loved every letter and loved to learn about the various places and people the doll met and visited. In the end Kafka gifted the girl with a new doll who was very different of the old one but he explained that the new doll was different because it had changed with the experience it had got from the various people and places it had visited all that time… The little girl fell in love with the doll and treasured it for many years after that…

As a parent it is very important that we understand that reality can also be constructed through phantasy and that the symbolism is an important tool to be used in educating a kid… Dealing with a loss can be incredibly hard.

This experience became a book and I am going to read it… Kafka and the travelling doll.


This story touched my heart, what about yours?

Kafka e a boneca viajante - capa de livro