Hi everybody. I am pleased to annonce that the winner of the nail polish is Livia Nery. Please send me your address in the facebook inbox. Thanks.
Olá meninas e meninos, tenho o prazer de informar que a ganhadora do esmalte é Lívia Nery. favor me contactar pelo inbox do face para me dar o seu endereço. Obrigada e parabéns

Valentina bling bling

500 followers!!! I cannot even believe! It has been only four months and here we are being followed by 500 people…

I cannot even express my gratitude! Every reader is very important to us and every comment, participation, like, and share is read on our side and accepted with great modesty, especially when there are so many outstanding bloggers and writers in the internet universe which we have just started to learn about…

Our celebration is a gift to you. Last time was chocolates, this time is a nail polish… Boys, do not get upset, please PARTICIPATE and gift your mums, girlfriends, wives with this piece of unique glamour!

red-solenail polishes

As there is no such a thing as free lunch, you need to work a little:

1 – 1 chance for 1 like

2 – 2 chances for a like and follow

3- 3 chances for like, a follow and a…

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