And the Ritz re-opened! check this out! E O Ritz re – abriu!!! Olhem esse video!

Valentina bling bling

Who does not know the Ritz Hotel in Paris???? Place Vendôme!!! The ultimate symbol of Swiss hospitality!!!

Yes, Swiss….The Ritz was founded in 1898 by a Swiss gentlement from the Valais area… César Ritz… Famous individual for having worked in many famous hotels, known, at the time, as the best host in Europe, opens his own hotel in an unforgettable night when Princes, Politicians, Writers and the Parisian Society shared glasses of champagne in a palace of luxe and glamour….

The Ritz opened its door already the place to be… Celebrities throughout the 20th century visited and dinned at the hotel, some of them even having the hotel as its primary residence, Coco Chanel being one of them…

The Ritz was not a only a symbol of luxe but also of modernity. It was the first hotel in Paris to have running water, private toilets in each room and a private bath…

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