What should a woman have in mind to look powerful ?

I have identified 6 things….

  1. Impeccable manicure
  2. Make-up
  3. Timeless clothes
  4. Quality bags and shoes
  5. Accessories, accessories and accessories..
  6. A healthy body shape


  1. Impeccable manicure – my dad always told me that he would no business with a woman who was not impeccably manicured. I was a kid and thought he exaggerated, but he explained the reason… his argument was… if she cannot look after herself, she cannot look after my affairs… well, it is true that your hands go everywhere and if you really want to look powerful, you must have your nails trimmed, clean and looked after… Some women forget that and regardless of how expensive your clothes look, that shows lack of attention to yourself…
  2.  Make-up – I love a red lipstick and it can be very powerful but not all the time… Women need to master the make-up trick very well. Too much can be a killer, and in doubt, less is more….
  3. Timeless clothes – I follow fashion and I think some seasonal pieces can bring glamour to the outfit; however a powerful woman knows very well how to mix the classic with the current season pieces. A Cashmere jumper, a silk shirt, a black skirt, and a pair of letter boots can be wore in any circumstance…. Bear that in mind.
  4. Bags and shoes… I would rather have one Chanel bag than 10 other bags. Remember, a powerful woman should know where to spend her money… Chanel never goes outdated and therefore before you go crazy and buy every it bag of the moment of the high street, save a bit and pumper yourself with a real gem which will last you forever. The same applies to shoes… Shoes should have quality and be clean! Also never forget to remove the seal from the sole… some women forget and it is not classy.
  5. Accessories can change everything… Bracelets, rings and earrings… use and abuse of the tendencies… max collars, mini collars.. this modernize the outfit and do not cost much… If you can afford, a pair of real diamond studs will last generations and look fabulous.
  6. A healthy body shape… I might be criticized now, but a woman that does not look after her body shape do not look powerful. Power means control and control starts with yourself…. your own habits and instincts… I am not advocating that powerful women need to be slim but it has to be within what is considered healthy or unhealthy. 

These are my 6 mantras… Do you agree with them? Do you have others? Have I missed any?