Hublot pop art x Bulgari Serpenti

I know, I know they are completely different styles but if you could only choose one, which one would you choose????

They are so gorgeous and super bling bling…

The Hublot Pop art watch collection is stunning! Colorful, lively and fresh… It feels you wish to have the watch all the time in the arm.

I love colors and the pink one would suit me completely… Anyone who wishes to give me a gift, please do not hesitate!!! 😛

The Bulgari Serpenti is more classy and can be used at any circumstance, in a Gala event or in a lunch party with friends… The movement of the bracelet of the watch in the arm is the perfect snake movement… A classic which Bulgari has recently revamped to make it even more beautiful.

Voting open!!! Which one do you prefer? I will collect all the answers and post the result in another post!!!