Rio 2016

We are 7 hours from the opening ceremony! How exciting!!!!

I am sorry the pessimists, but this is going to be amazing!!!! I know, I know, there are loads of problems… security concerns… but tell me in all honesty, is there a 100 % safe place in any corner of this planet???? No, no, no….

Lets focus on the positives… Rio is a splendid place… who has never been there, must go once in life… now the focus is on the city, on its people, on its culture… the diversity of the Brazilian population is amazing and now it will be exposed to the whole world to see…

Again, lets focus on the positive… Cariocas, how you call the people from Rio, will have the opportunity to live and breath the diversity, to share, experience, exchange differences in everything… in language, in food, in costumes, in culture….

AMAZING! First Olympic Games of Latin America…

May the Gods of the Olympus protect the wonderful city!