New bag designer – Catarina Mina

I love bags… all sizes, forms and types…

Now that Brazil is in the headlines! In introduce to you a Brazilian designer

Through Instagram I discovered this amazing designer of bags in Fortaleza – Brazil… The bags are made out of crochet and they are chic, classical and very trendy…

The must of it is that they are made by artisans, hand made… which make them very unique. Also, for the sake of transparency,  they publish the whole cost chain… Isn’t that amazing! Their project support the local families and help developing the local economy.

For those who do not know Fortaleza, this is the Capital of the State of Ceará in Brazil… it is a very rich and touristic state but as everything else in Brazil, the wealth disparity can be huge… very few with a lot, and many with nothing…

Now, what about giving these ladies some support on their amazing work and ordering some of these bags… I have bought myself a Cantinga one… Picture below!


Let me know if you like them!!!

xx Valentina