Hi girls,

I was not much of a hat girl! honestly I always though my head looked like a mushroom… and then on my 39th birthday, a good friend of mine gifted me my first serious hat!

I must confess I was a bit uncertain about it… until I tried it on and felt great! I have another friend, who was a the party, who said… I LOVEEEE ITTTT… I want one as well… and truth be said, she is always very elegant wearing hats in all seasons…

Well, well, well, I think I was bitten by the hat fly… since them, I bought a few, for different seasons… and I fell completely in love when I discovered Maison M. Actually it is Maison Michel….


Ulálá! Maison Michel – it is the Ferrari of the hats… they are perfectly crafted and absolutely stunning…. the finishing of the lines are almost invisible… a pure sense of art!

I suggest you check them out, no season is the same without a hat now!

xx Valentina