Gucci – Vanessa Redgrave as a muse !

Hi girls!!!

I have been anticipating some amazing changes of pattern in the fashion industry… And I am so proud of it… This means that if you follow me, you can really pick up these changes before anyone does…

Do you remember when I wrote a post about Gucci’s change of designer to Alessandro Michelle… He is a total success and he has been putting Gucci in every woman’s desire list!!!!

If you have not read it, check it out:

Gucci – a breath of fresh air / um sopro de ar fresco

Then I wrote a post about women over 60 being seen as sexy and desirable. Marc Jacobs had ellected Susan Sarandon as its muse. Remember???

Woman over 60, sexy??? YES / Mulher acima dos 60, sexy??? SIM

Well, now Alessandro Michelle chose the super diva Vanessa Redgrave to be the muse of the Spring 2017 Gucci collection… I am sooo but sooo pleased!!

Girls, this is an absolute great moment in history… We live in a era where women are brainwashed to look younger and younger… Not long ago, women over 40 were considered OLD…

I think everybody realised that life expectation is increasing rapidly, both men and women are living longer, producing immensely and enjoying life… That shift needed to be embraced by the fashion industry! Et voila, we can see it happening.

Vanessa is a total star, she has won most prizes that an actress can dream of winning.. She is 79 now and the star muse of Gucci…

This is amazing and a great encouragement… Women at any age, 20 to 80 are gorgeous and that must be said… Thanks for the acknowledgement!

Enjoy the pictures! All from Gucci’s campaign!