Eternal Roses

I used to think that only diamonds were to last forever, apparently roses are now too…

Who would think that a bouquet of roses can last forever? Who has never got a bouquet of flowers and felt sorry when saw it dying at the vase a few days later?

Developed in Colombia and Ecuador, the technique consists in cutting the flowers  out of its steam at early stage, prior to its total blossom, immerse them in glycerin, so that the resin involve the petals… Et voila, the rose is supposed to last forever.

The roses industry, especially in Japan has been developing amazing projects with the preserved roses ( preserved roses is the name the industry calls what I called eternal roses).

Not many flower shops have yet been selling the preserved roses… Bouquets are quite difficult to be found, although the rose boxes are….. Just AMAZING…

I love flowers and have several orchids around the house. I must confess that I do not buy roses very often because they go off very quickly and I dont have the time to be replacing them so often… Now with the eternal roses, this will change.

A box of eternal roses is not cheap, but when you think that they will last years and years, the cost can be considered an investment…

Some claim that these roses are not romantic… Others say they save the environment… I find them incredible!

Some pictures below and I assure you, I cannot wait until I get my first box… Maybe when my birthday comes!

Xx Valentina