WatchFacts and

Who would not dream to have a Rolex??! Or a Hublot?? Well, your dream to have a wonderful watch may be closer than you think…

WatchFacts is a company which certifies pre – owned watches, guarantying that the buyer is getting in the second hand market a genuine piece.

The secondary market for luxurious watches is quite big, especially in the United States… however, as opposed to a car, it is rather difficult to know whether the piece is genuine or not… this is where WatchFacts come into play.

If you buy your watch with, at the moment valid for the United States only, but soon through other amazon platforms, the watch is reviewed by WatchFacts and given a score, which demonstrates how used it is… the closer the score gets to a 100 points, the less used the watch is….

Also, WatchFacts guarantees that the watch is genuine and it has never been reported stolen….

For this, the buyer does not pay extra… it only has to purchase through… so, if you have a place in the USA, where to get the watch delivered, I suggest you take this tip seriously, because you will save quite a lot of money…


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xx Valentina