New Look

Hi girls, and boys….

Valentina Bling Bling was revamped last night! I must confess that dealing with coding and layouts is not my strongest point;I sweat a little; however I kind of like the result.

My intention is to have the blog a little more clean, in terms that you could see my posts without having to search too much… Also, that the social media buttons were clear and in a good area of access.

The only thing is that my big mouth, that tells you all of the bling bling world of Valentina, is no longer that biiiig…. I cannot have it all….

Have a look around and let me know whether that pleases you… It can please me but it must please you too…. as in the end, you are my dear followers and your input mean the world to me!!!

I look forward to hearing from you.

xx Valentina