Heart for India Foundation

Today I want to write about this amazing project that I recently came across… the Heart for India Foundation.

I know that this post may seem completely outside from the type / themes of post you are used to read here, but let me show you that the first thought may not be so true…

This foundation was created and is maintained by Princess Françoise Sturdza. Princess Sturdza is very passionate about her project and she has every right to be. Leveraging on her prestige and network, over the last 11 years she has managed to raise enough money to educate and feed thousands of kids in India, giving them through education the opportunity to get out of poverty.

Contrary to what many may think the bling bling world has a lot of substance, as funds often get channeled to great causes. The Heart for India Foundation is one of those Foundations which create a greater life for many kids. It is not uncommon to see very affluent people getting engaged, by donating and participating in projects trying to give a future for those who are neglected and forgotten.

To be honest, we do not need much to make a difference. When we look at the world’s poverty we feel powerless; however with only 1 USD, the foundation is able to prepare 8 meals for its kids. Can you believe, only 1 USD??? that does not pay a 1/3 of a Starbucks coffee…

I am very touched by the needs of people who have been less fortunate than me… so, I often contribute in whichever means I have to help others. Maybe alone none of us could make a difference… however together, it can help many…

A couple of days ago the Foundation made a gala party to raise funds for the project. It was a total success! Not only people  donated to it but I was happy to learn that the Foundation is getting a lot of visibility  and recognition.

A very famous Indian designer, Pria Kataari Puri presented her stunning collection to all… I must tell you, it was gorgeous… full of sparkling dresses in the best example of bling bling…. see, bling bling works well with charity.



I could write a lot more about this project; however I suggest you visit the website and learn more about it… I fully support and I would invite you to join it… individually we may not do much but together we can make a great difference!