Xmas calling – Straps and more bag straps

Now that Christmas is coming and we are all preparing our wish lists! Check this out!

Do you remember when not long ago I wrote about bag straps???

It is so trendy… it is an it – accessory!  When I use mine, I often get stopped as people find it super beautiful… a special touch to my bags… Everybody asks me where I bought mine…

Recently I came across a beautiful brand in Brazil that has amazing bag straps… I am in love with them… and I want to have them all… honestly they are so nice that it is very difficult to pick and choose.

The brand is called Lukey Bags… They do not only do straps, but bags and bracelets… and they deliver everywhere in the world (Isn’t that great?  Please don’t forget to add the postage cost!).

Now, you are asking yourself.. why on earth would I go that far to buy something in Brazil???

The answer is simple: Quality , price, and exclusivity of course!

  • Quality –  the Brazilian leather is considered to be one of the best in the world. Have you ever tried to look at the sole of your shoe???
  • Price  – the Brazilian currency is weak compared to the European currencies and to the US dollar, so it is an opportunity to have something very nice for a fraction of the cost of what you would pay in Europe or in the US…. bearing already in mind the postage costs.
  • Exclusivity – You will not find that many people caring the same thing on the streets! Even if I am writing and bragging about the brand for the world to see, it is still unlikely that your colleague or the friend of a friend will have picked the same one as you! I looooove unique items… it makes me feel special…

Christmas is coming and in my opinion one of their most special products they have is the strap in which you can write on… I found the idea great, especially if you have kids… you can ask them to make it even more unique for you, a piece that only you will have and that you can carry forever and ever.. I got one for me and I am planning to have my kids to design it over the Christmas holidays! The strap comes with the black pen, but you can order from them others in different colours.

Here are Lukey bags contact details:


Whatsapp: +55 21 999826521

Mine is on the way to me… I cannot wait for it to arrive!