I cannot stop talking about GUCCI… I know I sound like a broken record… GUCCI – GUCCI – GUCCI… just to remind you:

Gucci – a breath of fresh air / um sopro de ar fresco

Gucci – Vanessa Redgrave as a muse ! / como sua musa!

But the problem is that Alessandro Michele is a wizard, and I am under his spell. As any person in love, my body and soul are committed to it!!! Poor me….

This time I want to tell you about the DIY (do it yourself idea)… It means … you bring your Dionysus bag to the Milan shop and you can personalise your bag with their hundreds of embroidered patches….

OMG, OMG… I loveee this bag…. although I have not yet bought one and I have a good friend who keeps persuading me not too…. I think now I will not resist!

It seems that I will have to make a trip to Gucci anytime soon… does anyone want to come with me???