Christmas wish list

Have I behaved this year???? not so sure….


I think Santa would agree that I did my utmost to behave this year and for that reason I deserve to be rewarded! I have not lost hope that he will be generous to me and he will leave some of these nice little gifts in my Xmas tree…

  • Paula Cadermatori bag… Totally in love with it… actually it was my husband who introduced the designer to me… he was reading an article and found it super bling bling… isn’t he cute??? I hope he does not stop on the article…


  • Miu Miu camera bag … ah another bag…. I was in Madrid last weekend and saw this beautiful silver one… it is definitely in my wish list…


  • Miu Miu again!!!!  decorated heels shoes… they are just sooooo gorgeous… I want, I want!!!!!



  • New Yves Saint Laurent Paris Perfume… it is just my ultimate smell!


  • O Nitendo Nes … What the hell??? Well, I was born in the 70s, so I am from the Super Mario generation, The Zelda Legend… now, Nitendo has relaunched this mini console for the dinosaurs of the Video Game Era…. I love it… super Vintage!!! Please, Santa think of me on this one!!!!!!


I will let you know if Santa believed I behaved this year… Would he know which one would be my favorite out of all of these 5 options?

Would you guess?

XX Valentina!