Olympia Le-Tan


This designer is fun, funky and a funny!

I absolutely adore the way she plays with “children’s” themes and turn them into “adults” accessories and clothes…

Me, Moi and Myself refuse to grow up and for this reason, having a collection of Alice in Wonderland clutches, A villains bag, and Snoopy accessories is my ultimate dream! Not to say the STAR WARS collection!!! Stellar!!!!

My favorite Disney stories are Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan… As you can see I definitely refuse to grow up!!! People already lost hope on me…

Her creations are perfect Christmas gifts… actually any time gifts… Honey, did you get the tip???

Have a look around and have fun…hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


“Aren’t we all mad here?” Cheshire Cat

XX Valentina