Merry Christmas

I have so much to say but I am missing the words… I could start with a big thank you for following this blog… I am having a lot of fun writing to you and I hope you are enjoying it too.

Christmas is a very special time of the year… it is when families get together, share wishes and thoughts for the new year that is approaching…

2016, has been a great year for me… I am fulfilling myself writing to you as I never thought I would…  however I cannot deny what a tough and strange year this has been… Brexit, Trump, Syria, Berlin… an year that very few will forget….

I refuse to lose hope that we will have more tolerance and freedom… I prefer to look at the world through the lens of glitter and pink bubbles.

So, dress up, cook you best meal and enjoy the time your loved ones… Christmas is our time to forget tomorrow and enjoy the today…

Loads of love,

Xx Valentina