Chado – Swiss expertise on make up… First one to do it!

What comes to your mind when you think of Switzerland? Chocolates? Cheese? Watches??
I think of the best expertise in the world! When the Swiss decide to do something… They just do it in the best way possible… Unbeatable!
In that context, I am pleased to introduce to you Chado, the first make up – cosmetics company of Switzerland…
Chado specialises in the eye region of the face, highlighting the eyes by defining and enhancing the eyebrows.
Real research has been put into it, Sylvia Rossel, Chado’s CEO and her partner Laetitia Goffard, have explored the best of Swiss raw material to produce a line of make up that does not only embellish the face but it also nourishes and treats the skin, making you look gorgeous every day.
Sylvia and Laetitia take the steel cells of the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple, which can only be found in a small canton of Switzerland called Thurgau. This apple has intrigued the scientists because it never ages and now with advanced technology the apple’s steel cells are used in Chado’s line to guarantee the beauty and the youth of the Chado woman.
Chado’s make up line is very exclusive and it can be found in exclusive department stores such as the Bon Genie Group, in Switzerland, Printemps, in Paris – France and at the Tsum, in Moscow – Russia. Soon it will be in Ukraine too.
I am absolutely in love with the whole line… I am taking the time to design my eyebrows and since them I have been told that my look is more intense…
Soon you will be able to buy online at:
Try it out and let me know your thoughts and compliments…
XX Valentina