Rough Iceland

I have been waiting for this trip for months and months… It was a rather special one, as we would be more than 30 people together from different parts of the world with a tight schedule to follow. A resumèe of what we would expect for the 3 following nights:
  • Hiking into the wild Iceland with an option to a swim into the hot river… This meant strip your clothes off in open space surrounded by your travel colleagues, under the icy rain, place clothes in a plastic trash bag to avoid soaking and run into the water… Boxed ticked… I made it… Not before a head bash from a voice on my left year… Shut up, take your clothes off and just get in there… From there you can see I was moaning too loudly… Redressing was not as bad as I had anticipated… And the clothes were not too soaked, only mudded!
  • Visit to the Golden Circle – Iceland is a place of contrasts… As you may know it is the youngest land on earth which means that the earth is still working… Due to the geographic place, it is cold and dark  during a large part of the year; however under the surface the place is on fire… There is so much pressure going on that they have Geysers throughout the country, whereas the water is so hot and there is so much pressure that it needs to erupt out of the earth every 3 or 4 minutes… A strong sign of force of nature…. So, we went to see one of those… Very special…


  • Also part of the Golden Circle you have the Selfoss  waterfall… Reasonably close to Reykjavik… The trip can easily be done during  the day…
  • Blue Lagoon… One of the wonders of world! Imagine a turquoise lagoon of hot water! This is it! No words will describe the sensations of the body and the pleasure of the mind… A must do!


  •  Reykjavik – the town is cute and the Icelanders very open to tourists. The whole country has only 350,000 inhabitants… They are crazy party animals who love to go out late and come home at Dawn…


  • img_20170121_1622563img_20170121_1623384
  • The cherry on the cake – the Northern lights hunt! We were waiting for it since the first night… We went to an amazing Hotel in the middle of nowhere so that we could optimise the chances of seeing the lights, as they can only be seen if there is no pollution in the sky… We were advised that we could be woken up anytime during the night, should the lights materialised. The Ion hotel is a splendor on itself and has one of the most amazing bars in the world, the Northern lights bar… Even if we were in the right place, it was not the right time… We had actually had to hunt the lights to a place where there was less clouds and we managed to see it… Gorgeous phenomenon!
  •  img-20170122-wa0141img-20170122-wa0138img-20170122-wa0055img_20170119_211300_849
  • In between there was a lot of eating and drinking involved. I ate the best tomato soup of my life at Fridheimar, which is a massive tomato greenhouse run as a family business where tomatoes are the ingredient of all courses… So, tomato soup, pasta with tomato sauce, tomato ice-cream, tomato cheese cake… All delicious!



  • Also, a meal with the Vikings can be fun if you have a sense of humour! Not far from Reykjavik…
Enjoy the photos and get inspired..This was not my trip to Iceland… And I don’t think it will be the last…
XX Valentina