I love bags… you probably got that by now… all sizes, shapes, colours and types…

The more the merrier….

Obviously I have my favourite brands…. and they are kind of the usual suspects…. Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Gucci…but not all.

Recently I have been really interested in clutches… I find them so sexy and feminine…

I always like to give you some history…These little bags were created quite a few good years ago…. By a Jewish refugee called Judith Leiber. She started imagining her creations to escape psychologically the war.

The Leiber bags are worldwide known… Judith was considered one of the first clutch designers…. Celebrities all over the world have disputed and held her creations. Now, Judith is retired and collects her own bags to expose in a museum in the Hamptons in New York… she created more than 3500 of them, and reunited more that 1500 for the museum.


As time passed, her bags and designs were copied or inspired new designers…. of course, things evolve and a style does not belong to one single designer… so recently, new ones have made the headlines. My favorite ones:

1. Edie Parker –

Stunning… classic and very classy! You can personalise the clutch with your name or initials… what about a VBB one???


2. Serpui –

A rising star! Very famous Brazilian brand that is conquering the rest of the world. Specialises in mother of pearl.


3. Central Library – @central_library at Instagram

I have written about it before… clutches inspired in literature classics… Lolita, Gone with the wind, The little prince… to name some…


4. Isla –

Another Brazilian brand… competes closely with Serpui…. difficult to decide which one I love best…. I love the steel spheres.



Crazy for all of them… impossible to choose… if you were to pick one, which one is your favorite?

xx Valentina.