Kailijumei lipstick

A spring must have! It was released last year but it really exploded this year as it reminded many of the Beauty the Beast rose in the glass.

The lipstick is transparent when we look at it, but in contact with the lip it changes colour in accordance with the different PH and the amount of Red 27 dye in the product.

There are 4 different types and they are named in accordance with the flower enclosed inside the lipstick…

Dream Purple

Flame red

Barbie doll powder

Minute maid

www. kailijumei.tictail.com

Collectors have gone crazy and at some point it was all sold out with orders for months in advance….

I agree they are cute but not sure I would desperately fight to have them… Well, I think this is just another one of hot balloons that fly high but fall fast…

What do you think?

XX Valentina