Memo Paris – The endless journey

What is more important, the journey or the destination?

Why do we travel?

I do… to experience, experiment and treasure the memories forever…

So, when I discovered Memo, I thought…  How creative… A genius idea!

memo 2

I revisit my trips by looking at photo albums and making some scrapbooking pages…

Clara and John, Memo’s creators, create perfumes….

Yes, you read it right… Perfumes… Memo, means memories… Memories of their trips….

Traveling is so important to both of them and they wished to eternalise the experience and they way they found to do it was by creating scents for each of the places they visited…

Each of Memo’s perfumes is created based on their personal experience. After feeling and experiencing the place… It all gets translated in ingredients that will revive their memories but also respect the characteristics of the place they visited…

Music and Scent bring out the deepest of our feelings… who never closed its eyes and saw a film of memories and emotions when smelling a particular scent or hearing a particular music???

Many of the Memo’s perfumes have a leather component and having tried many of them I elected 3 of my favorites:

  1. Ilha do Mel – An Island in the South of Brazil – a fragrance with mandarin and Vanilla. Sweet as honey, fresh as the tropical flowers.
  2. Lalibela – A sacred mountain in Ethiopia – A joyous fragrance with roses and Pathouli
  3. Marfa – A small desert city of Texas – an art center – intense. The lights of Marfa are well known and the scent is warm like the desert breeze.

memo 4

Memo 1

For the 10 year anniversary, Memo has just released its latest perfume: Eau de Memo… it is not based in one particular place but a celebration of the 10 years of experiences and delightful discoveries.

memo 3

I invite you to discover Memo… and don’t forget, the journey of discovery is more important than the discovery in itself…

Enjoy… Xx Valentina