Marble Restaurant – Johannesburg

South Africans impress when it comes to cooking… Their cuisine is inspirational and very creative.

In this trip I will be visiting the best tables of the country and of course telling you everything about it.

Marble… What a pleasant experience. Every time I come to Johannesburg I try something different. Last trip, I went to the Luke Dale Roberts restaurant at the Saxon…

This time, I was invited to the marble at Rosebank… A great time reviewing friends…

The cuisine is refined although the cooking in itself uses the traditional fire technique so much treasured by South Africans.

Open Space… where you can see the kitchen… modern decorated… spacious and surrounded by large glass windows, on the 4th floor, it gives you an incredible view of the town…

On itself it is already a must place to visit…

The food was delicious… the signature dishes are worth trying and I had a delicious and juicy steak!

For desert, the ice cream sandwiches make you revive your childhood… beautiful and yummy!

I have not met the chef, David Higgs… But I heard that he is another reason to visit the place.. 🙂

Worth every second…you MUST try.


XX Valentina