Have you been to paradise? Try to go to Hermanus

IMG_4732IMG_4727IMG_4708IMG_4709IMG_4714IMG_4716IMG_4712IMG_4710IMG_4718One of these places that strike you like a thunderstorm!

That is how I felt when I first went to Hermanus… A city about a 100 km from Cape Town, on the coast… Famous for its busy summers and whale watching…

Yes… Whale watching is quite famous here… From the end of May to September, whales come to the bays around Hermanus to delight locals and tourists with their synchronised ballet dancing… a lifetime experience to watch these magnificent creatures swimming and jumping around on the sea…

Hermanus is a very popular destination over the South African hot summers… According to locals, the population quadruples over this period.. Maybe not the best destination from December to February.

However it is beautiful and calm most of the other months… An amazing golf course attracts people from all over the world, as it is more than a pleasure to play in a top notch golf course surrounded by breathtaking landscape.

The cherry on the cake for me is the Marine. Hotel. At the top of the cliff, the colonial construction overlooks the bay and the mountains… An amazing property to enjoy the magnificent light and vibe of the Cape Area.

To enjoy the best of it, I invite you to try the high tea… Scones, cucumber sandwiches, pastries and tea…

Did I not tell you I had found paradise???

xx Valentina