The Vineyard hotel in Cape Town.

Do you have a hotel that you can call yours? A hotel that you feel comfortable enough to come in and out without feeling intimidated?

Well! Capetonians have a hotel to call their own.

It is a hotel as any other which receives guests and tourists from all over the world but it is a lot more than that.. It is a second home for many locals.

The hotel is situated in the eastern slopes of the table Mountain, with extensive and luxurious green gardens, where you can sit, sip tea, and enjoy the view.

The main building is a magnificent colonial house with large rooms, high ceilings, yards, coffee shops and reading rooms. Heritage is preserved and appreciated.

Families come and go as the restaurants, coffee shop, tea room and spa are open to the general public. An amazing place to feel the vibe of Cape Town.

The hotel also has a gym, 2 swimming pools, and magnificent Spa. I recommend the hot stone massage… 90 minutes of total indulgent!

This time I stayed at the hotel as opposed to the previous times when I was only a visitor. The rooms are large, overlooking the garden and very comfortable. A great choice for business but also for tourism… Especially with kids…

Kids… the gardens are perfect for them, so if you are traveling with your honey bunnies, this is a perfect place to let them burn energy while you relax over a glass of the best South African wine…

Tempted? You should be!

XX Valentina