Piaget – High Jewelry

Recently I have been having many queen like days… I am starting to enjoy this… And this can be very dangerous!!! 🙂

What a bling bling life!

This time, I could not feel more royal… I was invited to see the Piaget High Jewelry 2017 collection released in Rome at the splendid Villa Aurelia…



Rome on my feet, immaculate gardens and millions of dollars in jewelry around… I did not want to wake up!!! I pinched myself quite a few times!

The collection is a myriad of precious stones of all sorts of, colours, types, sizes and cuts… Perfectly crafted to embellish the most beautiful bodies across the globe!





With a lot of security around… No kidding! I would not dare to count the zeros… I observed the pieces…The 2017 collection is reunited for 4 days only, when the pieces are then separated and sent to the 4 corners of the globe… To new owners or to the Piaget boutiques…

I learned a lot… I did not know that Piaget trademark in Jewelry is the marquise cut… Pretty much every piece will have a diamond with this cut and the movement it creates on the piece in terms of light diffusion and beauty is unbelievable…

The 2017 collection is called the Sunlight journey…



The choices of stones and crafting was to represent the various phases of the day… The journey of the sun through the day to sunset… Earth elements, such as water and plants were also represented in the context of the sun influence…


Some of us take for granted the sun that rises everyday… Piaget does not make this mistake… On the contrary, it worships and honors its beauty, and majestic importance.

XX Valentina