Japanese and French Fusion – Umami

I love when the summer comes…There are a lot more places to go, enjoy a drink and have an excellent meal… I love the beach clubs, the pool gardens and the great restaurants that pop up throughout the season…

Life becomes as light as the lake breeze…

Talking about an excellent meal… I can never have enough of the sushi prepared at the Umami’s restaurant at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva.


Every year, I wait anxiously for its opening every beginning of summer…

You will understand why!!

First… it is seasonal… Summer only !!! Run and enjoy, otherwise you must wait a whole year…

Second… location, location, location!!!! At the pool garden of the President Wilson hotel… Invitation to delightful sunny days or stunning moon and starred nights…


Third… The chefs…. No introduction needed to Michel Roth… The starred Michelin Chef… In close collaboration with Franck Meyer… Japanese cuisine with a strong French touch…


Ah oui! … an unthinkable fusion of French and Japanese culinary gives birth to delicious delicacies….

Sushi with Fois Gras??? Yes…

Crispy rice sushi??? Yes

I never know what to choose so I order pretty much everything… A glimpse of my choices:

  • Wakame Salad Square, grilled marinated Salmon with ginger


  • Beef Tataki with Karachi sauce, strawberry and pomergranate
  • Fried Fois Gras makis, granny apple and ginger


  • Spatched cocked young cockerel teryaki sauce
  • Salmon glazed with soya honey
  • Sauteed vegetables with sweet and sour sauce
  • Okonomiyaki


  • Uramaki – Crunchy Shrimps


And… the best…

  • Nigiri Crispy


For desert…

  • Yuzu Tart and praline feuillantine
  • Ice Cream sorbets Three scoops…
  • Chilled red berries and litchis, exotic and vanilla flavored mochis.


I do not apologize to make you very hungry when reading this post…

Do not miss it and enjoy!


XX Valentina