Top Investment bags

Who does not wish to combine fashion with a good investment?

Did you know that pretty much all of the below bags have been a better investment than any other investment… stock market, property, bonds…?

Yes, you read it right… with the below you do not lose money… actually, their prices increase every year and it is likely that you will sell your bag more expensive than you actually bought it.

Loads of sites such Vestiaire Collective, Instant Luxe, the Real Real or Re-see, sell icon items for higher prices than in the shops… if you could find them in the shop…

Ah, here is the trick… some of those you cannot find it… they are just not available for us to go and buy… some have years waiting list… which makes the price goes UP, UP, and UP….

Enough of the suspense… if you wish to be well dressed, on top of the game of the world… the below will be your entry card!

  • Chanel 2.55 – I love the Caviar leather… it does not scratch and therefore it looks less used… price increases always… Only this year it 5% up.

Bag 1


  • Chanel Boy – More modern but also very classic… a MUST have…


Bag 2

  • Goyard St Louis… Fresh and colourful. Super practical for shopping. Who has one never sells and when sells it, one wants a lot for it. It can only be found in less than a hand full shops around the globe… Paris, of course, London, São Paulo, Tokyo, but not many others….



  • Dior – The Lady Dior… No introductions needed… Created for the Princess of the People… Princess Diana of Wales…




  • Fendi Peekaboo – Fendi was already famous for its baguette bags… But became a total MUST with the Peekaboo model. For the contemporary woman… classic and big enough to carry everything we need to carry everyday.

2016 0424 Fendi Peekaboo Monster Leather & Python Bag .png


  • Balenciaga City – When we talk about big… this is the bag to have… So nice that it has became a classic investment bag… LOVE it!



  • Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 – Very Popular bag. It has been around for a while and although LV has tried to make other models popular… this one remains TOP #1 for them….



  • Hermes Kelly – Another icon bag inspired in a princess. This time Princess Kelly of Monaco. Gorgeous and incredibly popular nowadays!




  • Hermes Birkin – I have written a full post about the Birkin bag (one of my most popular posts of all)… you can read it below… This is the TOP of the TOP… there is not enough bags to supply the demand… Prices go up all the time and the ones bought on the secondary market are usually way more expensive than in the shop price (if you could find one). Prices over 10,000 dollars and still a waiting list…



The dream bag / Um sonho de bolsa

Tempted to start a collection or a portfolio? Now you have the perfect argument… as it does not lose value and the it is easily sold…

XX Valentina

  • Fendi Peekaboo – A marca já era muito famosa por suas bolsinhas chamadas de baguette… Mas se tornou um ícone com esse models Peekaboo. Grande o suficiente para caber tudo que nós mulheres carregamos no nosso dia dia… Prática e moderna.


  • Balenciaga City Bag…. Quango se fala em bolsa grande, essa é a bolsa grande para se ter….ótima para o dia dia… Se tornou uma bolsa de investimento!


  • Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 – Talvez o models mais famosa da marca. Muito Popular mas super prática… Chique e clássica!


  • Hermes Kelly – Outra bolsa que foi inspired em uma princess para homenagea-la… Dessa vez a princesa Kelly de Mônaco. Voltou a moda ultimamente e quem tem não large de jeito nenhum!


  • Hermes – Birkin – Eu já escrevi um post exclusive para essa bolsa que você pode re-ler abaixo. Um dos meus posts mais popular! Essa é a bolsa das bolsas!!! Top, TOP! Não há bolsa o suficiente nas lojas, logo quem quer paga um ágio no mercado secundário… O Preço não para de subir e já passou da casa dos 10.000 dólares, nas lojas… Se si pudesse achar uma… Ou entra na listade espera de anos que Hermes diz que não existe… Ou paga caro…

The dream bag / Um sonho de bolsa

Tentada a começar a sua coleção ou o seu portfolio de investimentos? Agora você já tem o arguments perfeito para ter as bolsa mais lindas… Elas não perdem valor e tem liquidez!

XX Valentina