Beautiful tables

One of my passions is home decoration and to be even more precise, table decorations.

Every time I go to a reception or to a dinning event, I observe the decoration in order to learn to be able to replicate it home.

Ah yes, I love to decorate my table…not only when I have guests… but also on a day to day basis…

A lot of people confuses beauty with money. I think I have said it before that life is about attitude. So, it is not only about the quality of the porcelain but it is really how you organise it; how much time you invest setting the table and making sure all pieces are harmonically together.

I know that most of us run all the time, including myself… I feel like a headless chicken sometimes; nevertheless we cannot hide ourselves behind excuses. Life is what we make of it, and it is all in the details and small pleasures.

Below, some of my newest favourites… I am even thinking of organising a small party so that I can use some of my new table items…


XX Valentina



This service in Bamboo is to die for! I want one!!!!!

These pictures are not mine, but taken from my own research in the internet… they are just examples of I like…