September is moving fast and some of us are preparing to go to Munich to join the famous Oktoberfest….

The tradition is over 200 years and there many all over the world. The most famous one is obviously in Germany in Munich, but you would be surprised to know that the number 2 is actually in South America… In Brazil, in a town called Blumenau.

Asia also loves the Oktoberfest…. with celebrations in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Okinawa in Japan.

For the girls planning to go, I suggest some of the outfits below… I have never worn one myself… but I find them gorgeous and plan to try one next time I go….

The ones I selected are from the following brands:

Krüger – www.krueger-dirndl.de/de/

Hammerschmid – www.hammerschmid-gmbh.de/

Poldi – www.hirmer.de/marken/poldi/

Meindl – www.meindl-fashions.de/world-of-meindl.html

otherwise all found at www.jelmoli.ch

For the boys… I would love to see my husby wearing an outfit like that… but he says ” I am not from Bavaria”… 🙁

Maybe I will manage to convince him one day!

Would you wear it?




xx Valentina