Autumn food for foodies

IMG_9067IMG_9068IMG_9072IMG_9073IMG_9074IMG_9076One of the beauties of the 4 seasons is that the food also change accordingly… I wait the whole year for the autumn arrival… Game season…. vegetarians, please forgive me… I cannot resist and I sin….

I dream of butternuts, chestnuts, red cabbage, spätzli and  Venison stew….


Autumn comes and goes… my way to handle the end of summer is to know that the game season is about to start… For those who don’t  know, it goes from September to early November… and it is not to be missed.

This year my husband and I discovered a little paradise for our first game meal of the season… in all senses you can imagine… the beauty of the location, the quality of the service and the flavour of the food…. It was a WIN WIN Saturday.

The restaurant is called le contretemps…

It is located in the small port of Territet, which is 10 minutes walk from the centre of Montreux… The place is a post card…. Montreux is a very well known city which attracts a huge amount of people in the summer for the Jazz Festival…but the area is gorgeous and full of special corners to be discovered and visited…

Le contretemps is just there, a beautiful house standing with its gorgeous terrace at the board of the lake, looking into the water and make time slow down…. parking is super easy too.

The menu changes every 3 months and at this very moment, as I mentioned, Game season is on… I eat game every year probably twice during its season and I always go for the venison stew… yesterday it was no different… and it was superb… the meat just melted as it should be and the side dishes were to die for…. Red cabbage, home made spätzli, for those who do not know what it is, it is a type of pasta made out of eggs and very typical in Austria, Germany and Switzerland…. caramelised chestnut and flambéed pears…. OMG…. you must eat it… no one can pass a life time without trying this…


The restaurant staff was super nice to us… the chef came to the table and I learned that there are two ways of preparing the venison. The stallion is prepared as a stew, as the meat is harder it needs to cook in a pressure cook, whereas the female venison  is prepared in a steak like mode, as the meat is softer and requires less cooking… my husband went for this one which is called noisette de chevreuil and I went for the civet….


It was so delicious that I even forgot to mention my starter… butternut soup… again pumpkin is very important in my life and I cannot wait for the season to eat it… the gratins and soups are regular parts of my autumn meals….


After a delicious starter and a magnificent main course… I could not do desert… but my husband went for it…. I regretted hugely not having ordered one when I saw and tried his… it was so good! He only let me try… not really eat it… He had flambéed pears with cherry ice cream… super ultra mega delicious….


By now you are hungry and hating me… well, all you need to do is to try this place…. a long weekend trip to Montreux will be unforgettable… the place is mythical and the restaurant le contretemps is exceptional… this tip is worth gold so do not forget it!


If you visit, come back and let me know your views… I would love to know if you enjoyed as much as I did…

xx Valentina

ps: kids are super welcome and there is an amazing playground in front of the restaurant… did I not say it was a win win?