Santa… I was a good girl… here is my list

When I was a kid, when December approached I started to behave better… as I knew that was the key for my Christmas luck…

My mom was no fool… and used to say that I needed to behave throughout the year as Santa was writing down everything I was doing…Well in 2017, I was a really good girl and so I think I can send him my list…

  • Make up – Since I discovered Nars, I am in love with it… the new Holiday collection, a collaboration between Nars and Man Ray, is very festive and the exact expression of the holiday season… The colours are just right to make any woman shine.

Man Ray for NARS Holiday Stylized Image - NARS Love Triangles 1 - jpeg

  • Perfume –  My elected is the new Elie Saab – Golden leaves… It is just so romantic as everything that Elie Saab creates… the inspiration comes from the dresses adorned with metals, floral and pearls.


  • Champagne – Not that I need a reason for drinking champagne, but in the Holidays season you can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner… no guilt! Especially when it is the new Laurent Perrier Rose… Have you seen the bottle? only that is already a collectible… but the taste… Oh wow!!! I will not say much more… you must try it yourself!


  • Time off… with the BODY PASS – THAT IS WHAT I MOST NEED THIS END OF YEAR! So if you are like me, coming to the end of the year like as coming to the end of a marathon, you need only one thing… Time off to splurge and look after yourself… This end of year, the Body Pass is a great present to yourself or to your loved one… With the pass you can get 50% discount in top spas across Switzerland and Europe… You know, that dream massage… it is just within reach… and for 1/2 price… If you buy the pass, the savings already compensate for the price of the pass…

It can get even better… using the vbb2018 code, you can a get a FR.10.00 reduction. 

Do not miss it!

thumbnail_Coffret et carte Body Pass 2018

  • Count down – This year my December count down will not be with chocolates, but with the new L’Occitane Calendar…  Adorable!


The list is not over yet… still have a couple of weeks before I post the list to Santa… I will keep you all informed!

xx Valentina