Spa Junkie 2 at Le Spa – the Martine de Richeville technique.

As I get older I am getting more and more conscious that I need to look after myself. With that in mind I am doing my own due diligence in different esthetic techniques which can actually help me improve my body appearance.

There is so much option that it is difficult to chose from… But one thing is certain… results demand discipline.

Although I love innovation, in terms of massages I think nothing replaces the old fashion hands on the body… So, when I was introduced to the Martine de Richeville technique, I thought I had to try it….

Cellulite is something that worries every single woman… from early ages we look ourselves in the mirror with critical eyes.. The beauty industry spends billions of dollars in research… new machines and treatments come into the market everyday, but as most of the time, the solution is still traditional…

Hands on… feel the skin… feel the muscle… press deep…

It sounds easy but it is not easy and it is definetely not relaxing… on the contrary… it is painful… No pain no gain, right???

I dont want to scare you… on the contrary… I want to say that you really feel the work in your body… it is no joke…

Martine de Richeville has an impressive track record… The massage consists of regular 8 shape deep movements in the skin,  which detox, reshape and boost the body… it is all about touching, feeling, pressing and moving on….

I tried the massage at the wonderful Le Spa at the Hotel Kempinski in Geneva. First I went for a presentation with Martine herself, and it was quite interesting to hear her explaining the various aspects of the treatment and the benefits of it. Then, I booked to try…. and now you know all about it.

I was very impressed by what I felt when going through the process and I am really decided to take further sessions to continue the improvement.

Healthy eating, exercise and this massage will prepare me for the summer… According to Martine, 10 sessions will do a great difference… then… maintenance….

If you are like me worrying about the signs of time and gravity on your body… I think you should consider this one… you will thank me when you put that new bikini on….

xx Valentina

Ps: my husband heard me reading out loud this post and said that I am beautiful and that I dont need to worry about that… Well… I am very flattered, but this means I am doing the right thing in looking after myself… More massage, please!