Nili Restaurant – Rovaniemi – Finland

As promised I am coming back to my adventures in Rovaniemi… we had so much fun!!!

As you know we went to Finland to see Santa… Gourmands as we are, we indulged ourselves with the local cuisine.

A great restaurant to visit when in Rovaniemi is NILI…

The restaurant is decorated in a traditional Lapland style… loads of wood… Reindeer horns and leather… not to mention, the big bear that is a statement piece on the wall.

I was recommended to take the Christmas menu so that could try what the locals do best…

I really wanted to try Reindeer in a more gastronomic way, as you may remember I had had a huge Reindeer burger for lunch.

My husband is a big fish lover…. and the menu included a big fish platter…. loads of salmon, trouts, haddocks and others local fishes with I would not be able to nominate… my Finnish is not that good!

The food presentation was splendid and the flavors were just delicious…

The only downside, in my opinion, is that the restaurant does not offer a kids menu… and as the food is quite exquisite… my kids are not fancy but it is not what they are used on their day to day…. so we needed to improvise but taking an adult meal and asking to make it as a kids portion….it worked but the restaurant could cater for kids too, especially when there are thousands of kids visiting the town.

Rovaniemi revolves around Christmas and Santa but it is possible to have a wonderful gastronomic meal at Nili… if you are there or planing to go there… you should give it a go!

XX Valentina