New site – A site all in English from now on.

Hey everybody!

Valentina Bling Bling keeps improving….

For those that had not yet seen… the site has changed…

As you know I write in two languages… English and Portuguese….

For a long time I wrote the two languages in the same post, but I decided that it was better to separate the posts by language and now you will be able that there are two flags on the top right corner of the site showing the English flag for English and the Brazilian Flag for Portuguese.

This means that you can access the site in the language that you prefer and all the posts ever written by me in that language are therein included.

We also made some other changes which you will notice. The site is now professionally run by Gaunte who is helping me with the a million technical issues which I am too stupid to understand…

I hope you like it… while I have a lot of fun… Don’t forget a lot of it is for you too!


X Valentina